OOPS! It's been a long time...

It's been so long since I've last posted that livejournal wanted to purge my account >_<;
Soooooo, I'm posting to help dissuade them that I've abandoned my journal, heh. I'm still alive, just busy with stuff other than translating...

OH! I know something to rant about... Last night we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on DVD. I walked out of the theatre about 40 minutes through part 1 and thought I should give it another chance now that both parts are out. However, I should have trusted my initial instincts. Now I'll never have those 5 hours back...
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Happy New Year!!

Year of the Rabbit <3

My hubby's a rabbit by the Chinese calendar and a dragon by the western calendar... So dunno which to call him. But rabbits seem much more huggable...
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Want Some Manga?

Hey everyone,

I want to get rid of some manga. If you want any of these you can have them for the cost of shipping:

Collapse )

They're all in really good condition, I just don't want to deal with putting them up on eBay,, etc.

Let me know if you're interested!
Chibi Jasmine


The Deltora manga has been licensed for English release by Kodansha! Though it's based on an English language book series and the anime has finally come out in English, I'm actually fairly surprised about this. But happy! XD

The art style takes some getting used to but I really enjoyed the two Japanese language volumes that I own. Now my hubby will be able to read it for himself.


Towers of Midnight (book 13 of WoT) is out todaaaaay! Unfortunately, I still need to finish my re-listen of The Gathering Storm (which is too good to be abandoned midway) before I start it, but I will listen at 2X speed and finish it this week!

Brandon Sanderson is also signing in my area tonight along with the editor and widow of Robert Jordan, but I will have to pass in deference to work. Also, I made somewhat of a fool of myself at the signing for WoK back in Sept so I'm not really keen to repeat that. Not that Brandon Sanderson would remember me as the dweeb who gave him that jar of strawberry jam, but...
I DID watch a bit of the streaming of the midnight signing release (which proves I'm a total geek) so it's kinda like I was there...
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Lucky's New Friend

I got my Baby Bright Bouquet in the mail today and he's BEAUTIFUL!! How did I not buy him long ago?!!

If Lucky and I didn't have such a long history together his place as favorite might've been in jeopardy. Of course, that could never happen ^^